The Usual Reasons For Why Do My Dogs Lick Each Other’s Private Areas

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Dog owners have to deal with plenty of pet behaviors, and sometimes it becomes utterly difficult to assess the activities of these beloved pets. All such furry babies do new and strange things that a person might not be able to understand. Getting alert suddenly while sleeping, stopping instantly amid a playful session, refusing to eat, avoiding shower place, and many other things may seem to be odd while petting a dog. However, the strange point of wonder for most pet lovers is why do my dogs lick each other’s private areas

Yes, it is a thing, and only those people will believe that they either have dogs at their place or have at least seen stray dogs doing this. Such a sight can intrigue a random onlooker and even make the owner go a bit uncomfortable around others. Stopping the dog from touching or smelling the private area of another dog is usually an instant action in such a situation. However, a dog will probably repeat this licking or sniffing for no specified number of times. Let’s dog into the reasons. 

why do my dogs lick each others private areas
Why do my dogs lick each others private areas

Why do my dogs lick each other’s private areas?

It becomes a little complex to understand the behavior of the dogs, especially when you are not a vet. However, every owner becomes concerned about things their pet does and does not. It is always wise to delve into the matter first by reading informative articles. Some of the probable reasons for the above question are pointed down below:-

dog curiosity
Dog curiosity
  • Action out of curiosity

If you are a new dog parent, be ready to see your pup sniffing and putting everything in their mouth. Do not worry because dogs have this in their nature. Especially, a puppy will nibble on furniture, footwear, and plenty of other things initially due to its teething phase. However, when it is about answering why do my dogs lick each other’s private areas, the first point is usually curiosity.

Dogs are inquisitive from the time of their birth; they will sniff and lick anything just because they want to know about things around them. Therefore, licking the private area of a fellow dog is their way to serve their curiosity about other fellow pets. 

Dog eyes
Dog eyes
  • Manner of greeting

You might notice that your dog uses different approaches to get friendly with other dogs. The scene might be difficult and opposite sometimes because a dog may not like it when there are more pets other than him/ her. However, if your dog is licking or smelling the crotch area of another dog, it might be indicative of a sociable attribute.

Many people believe that dogs lick each other as a way of greeting. It may mean that the dogs are becoming friends and are trying to welcome each other. The sweat glands in dogs produce pheromones that may reveal the gender, age, health, gender, sexual receptiveness, and mood of the dog. So, your dog might be sniffing the pheromones of the other dog to know him/ her.

Dog health issue
Dog health issue
  • Sensing a health issue

Before reading this point, one must keep in mind that dogs are not clinical doctors; so this point may not be right in all cases. However, it is a firm belief that dogs get to know about adverse things due to their intense smelling or tasting power. So, when you ask why do my male dogs lick each other’s private areas, the answer might be that they are sensing something wrong health-wise. 

Licking the butt of another dog should not be alarming in this context. But, if your dog is into the private area of another one like an obsession, it might be concerning. It might be his or her way of telling you that the other pet that they are licking is unwell. Dogs may sense such ill-health by smell and taste. However, it might even be the wrong assumption; so, consult a vet.

Dog habit
Dog habit
  • Act out of habit

Licking own fur every then and now is very common for all dogs. Even a mother dog is in a habit of licking its babies because it helps her in grooming her puppies. Other male dogs or grown-ups will also be seen licking their coat repeatedly without any reason. There is nothing wrong with this and is normal. Resultantly, it becomes a harmless habit for many dogs.

Thus, when you have more than one furry friend at your place that is in a habit of licking your fur, the fellow dog might begin to copy the first one. This may lead to a series of licking where they sniff and taste the genital areas of each other often. As an owner, there should be nothing to worry about, but you may want to stop them at some point.


Most of the time, it is social behavior to lick or sniff the private area of another dog. However, if your dog continues to indulge in this often, it is better to start telling them ‘no’ repeatedly. You may even consult a vet if required if you feel it is excessive.

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