Why Do Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing You?

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A dog’s sleeping way is one of the most noticeable actions. People are occasionally concerned and irritated by their fuzzy pets sleeping with their buttocks on their faces.

To be sure, it is quite normal for dogs to sleep in this position because it is their natural tendency. They intend no harm and are only demonstrating their vulnerability to you. Additionally, these creatures do not intend to show you any disrespect. You’re probably wondering why your dog is lying with its back to you. To be sure, it is natural and is one of their innate inclinations.

Here we will learn about this habit of a dog and how you should deal with it.

Dogs Sleep with Their Backs Facing You
Dogs Sleep with Their Backs Facing You

The main reason dogs sleep with their backs to you is because they feel safe, secure, and at ease with you. This might be considered your puppy’s love language.

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Reasons of Why Dogs Sleep with Their Backs Facing You

While there are a variety of reasons why your dog keeps sleeping with his butt towards you, be assured that this is totally natural for your pooch.

The majority of the time, your puppy prefers to sleep facing away from you because it trusts you and feels secure around you, but there are other reasons for this unusual resting behaviour. Let’s see what those are.

For the Sake of Security

When dogs have a close attachment with their human family, they frequently want to accompany them everywhere and even sleep in the same bed.

They have an ingrained instinct to remain with their pack in order to establish interpersonal relationships and expand their security circle, which increases the pack’s survival prospects.

Your dog companion undoubtedly regards you as the pack’s leader. Given that you are the leader, it makes reasonable that your dog would want to be close to you to ensure mutual protection.

For Convenience

We humans have a tendency to discover profound significance in some activities when a far simpler explanation is generally available.

Occasionally, the reason your pooch sleeps with its bum facing you is simply because it finds that sleeping posture to be the most comfortable.

Just like you must be comfortable in order to have a good night’s sleep, your dog must also find a comfortable posture to sleep in.

Occasionally, all your puppy requires is to be near to you while going about its business.

Marking of Scent

Another reason why the majority of dog breeds may sleep with their bum facing you is that they wish to leave their scent on you.

On both sides of their anus, all dog breeds have scent glands that emit distinct pheromones. These pheromones are unique to each individual dog and are only detectable by other dogs as a calling card. Your dog may just be using those scent glands to leave its distinct odour on you.

Dogs frequently scent their owners to indicate to other animals that they are a part of their pack.

In Lack of Trust

Another reason your dog sleeps with its bum to you is as a display of trust and passivity.

A dog’s natural tendency is to scan its surroundings and position itself in response to any perceived threat in order to respond swiftly and appropriately.

By turning its back on you, your pooch is signalling through its body language that it is not afraid of you, but rather that it trusts you so much that it is certain you have its back.

While you keep an eye on your dog’s vulnerable rear, it keeps an eye on your front.

Avoiding Eye Contact

When a dog is settling in, he or she may not immediately love being with you. They will sleep with their backs to you in order to avoid eye contact. This should diminish after they settle down.

This also occurs when a dog is aware that they are about to face consequences for disregarding your instruction. Or, if they’ve done something they’re not supposed to do, they’ll sleep facing away from you out of guilt.

If your pooch avoids looking you in the eye, this might be a simple sign of passivity, indicating that it perceives you to be the dominant figure in your relationship.

Dog Sleeps with Its Bum Facing You
Dog Sleeps with Its Bum Facing You

What Should You Do if Your Dog Sleeps with Its Bum Facing You?

The best course of action is to avoid startling it, since this is a natural mechanism for them to defend themselves from being susceptible. When you notice your dog sleeping with its bum facing you, have no fear. This is quite normal. 

Generally, when people look aside, it feels more relaxing; the same is true for sensitive dogs. Occasionally, they may anticipate you giving them backrubs and calming back petting. Everyone is aware of how much dogs adore them.

You should be aware that by repeatedly giving your fuzzy friends belly massages and leisurely back pats, you are encouraging them to exhibit this behaviour in order to gain your attention. 

If your dog is sleeping, it is best not to startle them up, since this may cause difficulties, such as the dog feeling assaulted and jumping on you. As long as your dog maintains a reasonable space between your face and its buttocks, sleeping in this position is OK.

How Can This Behaviour Be Stopped?

Now that you’ve been sufficiently disgusted, it’s time to take control of the situation by redirecting the behaviour. Even if you remain cool and collected in the face of probable issues, this is usually not your preferred behaviour, correct?

To begin, ascertain why your dog is sleeping in this position. Is your dog still fearful of eye contact with you? Is evening the only time he has to express affection and/or leave his scent on you?

Taking note of any underlying issues should assist your dog in resuming his natural resting posture.

If this is only a part of the dog’s sleeping pattern, you can modify the behaviour. Begin by teaching him to turn around. You may practise this outside of the bed first. When you’re ready, give him the instruction in bed the next time he lies down with his buttocks facing you.


The primary reason dogs sleep with their bum facing you is that they feel safe, secure, and comfortable with you. One could argue that this is your puppy’s love language.

You should truly attempt to see it from the dog’s perspective and accept it as a complement. It’s an unmistakable indication that your dog adores you, trusts you, and is secure enough in your company to let down its guard.

Now that you understand why your pooch prefers to sleep next to you with its bum facing you, perhaps you’ll cut it some slack and learn to allow your pet to sleep whatever it pleases.

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