Should I Lock My Puppy In His Crate At Night? Pros And Cons

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Having a puppy at home is a happy thing, and dog owners will instantly agree with this statement. Coming home after a long day at work to see a cute fur baby around takes away all the tiredness. And, it has been rightly said that dogs are a man’s best friend. Love, compassion, sincerity, and loyalty are some of the best adjectives that automatically join with this adorable animal species. It is due to their friendliness and securing attributes that make dogs the top domesticated pets around the world. Be it a toddler or an aged person, everybody gels up with these furry friends easily. 

However, when someone brings a new pup for the first time to their place, there are several clueless situations. One of the most-asked questions by new dog parents is- should I lock my puppy in his crate at night? 

There is a lot of confusion about the answer to the above query. Some people will be rigidly against this idea, while others will dedicatedly promote it. It is to be understood that fostering a puppy is as same as bringing up a human baby. There cannot be a fixed ritual in their upbringing because it will only bring in behavioral hassles later. Be it about a dog or child, there will be a need to observe deeply and makes changes accordingly. So, when it comes to locking the puppy in a crate, the answer has both the affirmative and denial sides.

Both the situations when it is okay and not okay to lock a puppy are discussed below.

my puppy cries at night in his crate
My puppy cries at night in his crate

Should I lock my puppy in his crate at night? Yes.

Training a pet is an integral part because it helps to build a clutter-free and healthy relationship with them. Not giving them the required training can invite unintended consequences like littering, wildness, unfriendliness, and more. Crate training is one of the most crucial activities as it prepares the puppy for later stages of life. People prefer to lock their puppy in a crate at night due to the following reasons:-

  • Avoid troubles- 

    Let’s face it; making a dog stay at one spot is very difficult, especially at night. It may so happen that they come out of their opened crate and begin to roam here and there. Thus, it poses the risk of a puppy unknowingly hitting into anything that can hurt your furry baby. Some studies also say that fire accidents have happened due to dogs wandering over in the dark under no supervision. So, locking the crate can eliminate such accidents.

  • Home maintenance- 

    Dogs often put everything in their mouth to play with anything. Especially, a pup may stuff his or her mouth with your furnishings and other materials around because of teething situations. Like a human baby, even a little puppy feels the urge to brush its gums with whatever is in its sight. Therefore, there are high chances that your puppy will nibble your dear furniture, shoes, hangings, plants, and everything else. This makes it necessary to put them in locked crates to avoid such damage.

  • Proper sleep- 

    Another convincing point in favor of the question should I lock my puppy in his crate at night is regarding the sound sleep of both the pet and the owner. If you will leave the door open, they will ramble here and there whenever they wake up from their sleep. This will make your pup stay awake for long and prevent them from getting the required quality sleep. Also, any disturbance due to your pup walking around may hamper your sleep. Keep them in for proper sleep.

Hence, all these situations make it necessary to keep your puppy in the crate at night.

should I lock my puppy in his crate at night
Should I lock my puppy in his crate at night

Should I lock my puppy in his crate at night? No.

Every dog parent must read this section thoroughly because overdoing the locking part may lead to several problems. One must understand that bolting the crate is not always a good idea; it has some limitations. Do not put your pup in a locked crate for long and repeated times due to the following adverse outcomes.

  • Bad Habits-

     Many parents have also observed that their dogs got into the bad habit of excreting in their beds after growing up. This happens because a puppy locked in the crate will not be able to go out and will eventually pee and potty inside the crate. When they grow up doing this, it is obvious that they will repeat the same in their bed or kennel also. The solution is that the dog sleeps in a crate with the door open.  

  • Punishment feeling- 

    Dogs are known to be utterly friendly and playful. They keep hopping around every then and now; they love open spaces. Thus, putting them in a confined place like a crate is going to dampen their free spirits. Studies reveal that pups begin to feel as if they have done something wrong for which they are put under a cage. Pet parents must realize the distinction between using a crate as a punishment and as a safety enhancer. So, do not lock your furry baby unnecessarily. 

  • Adverse Behavior-

    Imagine if you were locked in a confined space for several hours without any reason. It will indeed get you anxious and angry. The same logic applies to dogs and any other pet also. They may suffer behavioral problems like excessive rage, constant irritation, no friendliness, frequent crying, and even loss of appetite. Be gentle with your pup as they are utterly sensitive to the atmosphere around them. Locking them may do more harm than good.

Now, it is obvious to ask where to put the dog crate in the house at night if there are both good and bad reasons. It will be better to keep the door of the crate slightly open at night. Also, try to lock and unlock the crate occasionally. Love them more so that pups do not feel caged or punished. A bit of your effort will be needed for locking and unlocking, but it will be the best thing to do. 

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