Everything To Know About Short Hair Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherds are pretty popular because of their long and fluffy fur. This is their signature look, and everyone loves to watch them go with it. People are so used to looking at their popular looks that it has become hard to imagine them with short hair.

Do Australian shepherds with short hair even exist? The answer is yes, and they do, that too in a high number. If you look it up, you will find several dog parents flaunting their Aussies even without a long and dense fur on their back. Although it does make one wonder if such short hair is typical for this breed. Some might even question the purity of this breed.

When you look at an Australian shepherd with short hair, they will look exactly like a normal one. But are they pure? Let us find out?

Short Hair Australian Shepherd
Short Hair Australian Shepherd

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Does short hair Australian shepherd exist?

The answer is yes! Australian shepherds exist in variety, and short hair is one such category they live in. They are not as tricky to spot as you think. You may find them on farms and even in parks. Many dog parents adopt this category of Australian shepherds because they are not much different than their long-haired cousins.

As you must have noticed, not every Australian shepherd looks the same. Some may have brown eyes, while some may have blue. The same is true for their fur as well. Some blue heeler Australian shepherd short hair has long hair while others have short hair.

There is not much information available as to why there are two types of Australian shepherds. However, some dog experts blame the history of breeding for Australian shepherds. If you have limited information on the history of this breed, you should know that they do not originally belong to Australia.

They are native to Europe and are cousins of the English Shepherd and Border Collie. Since they have a complicated history, their ancestors might have some shorthaired relatives. That eventually led to some of the Australian shepherds having short hair.

The appearance of short-haired Australian shepherd 

If you imagine how an Australian shepherd with short hair would look like, imagine an average Australian shepherd. But with shorter and less fluffy fur. This gives them a flat look and may make them look slightly smaller.

Although their coats exist in various colors, just like the long-haired Australian shepherds have. We usually see black, red merle, red, blue merle. Some short-haired Australian shepherds have a combination of two or three colors.

This breed is a medium-size stature and is athletic as well. Since they are herding in nature, they are meant for physical activities and are pretty active. You might see them with short tails, which could naturally be bobbed too.

Australian shepherds are famous for their eye color as well. Even the ones with short hair are found with blue or brown eyes. You may find some with heterochromia or regards in different colors.

Australian shepherds
Australian shepherd

How ordinary are Australian shepherds with short hair?

Contrary to popular belief, Australian shepherds with short hair are rare. They are widespread in farms as they are a herding breed and make it very easy. As many families adopt them, you can easily find them in parks.

Although they are not as easily spotted as the long-haired Australian shepherds are, moreover, when adopting, it isn’t easy to find which Australian shepherd would have short hair. As most Australian shepherd puppies have short hair, you can only wait for them to grow to find out the reality.

Although some dog experts may be able to recognize short-haired Australian shepherds, according to them, there are specific traits that short-haired ones have that distinguish them from their long-haired cousins. However, finding out the difference could be very difficult as a layman.

What you are about to adopt would also depend on the club you have contacted. For instance, several clubs worldwide keep a chart prepared for the dogs they have. They would know exactly who the parents of the pup are.

Due to this, they can tell if the Australian shepherd pup would have short hair or long hair. They even kept the short-haired and long-haired dogs segregated and informed the guardians accordingly. You may also find kennels arranged as per the eye color, build and head shape. This is true not just for Australian shepherds but also for other breeds.

However, without detailed information on the parents and ancestors of an Australian shepherd pup, it is difficult to predict the length of its coat.


As short-haired Australian shepherds share the same traits as the long-haired ones, they go through seasonal shedding. Since the coat is not as long, the shedding might not be too hassle. However, keeping them groomed despite their coat length will help you and your dog in the long run.

Final Words

Australian shepherds with short hair are growing popular by the time. They share the same traits as their long-haired cousins, and they are a delight in any family. They prove to be good friends for human beings and will love you all their lives too. Therefore, they should be treated the same way, long-haired Australian shepherds.  


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