Reasons Why Dogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out

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You must have seen your dog or any dog sleeping with their tongue out almost every time. This is a habit common to all dogs and seems bizarre to us. Why would anyone protrude their tongue out while sleeping? Doesn’t it feel weird or make them thirsty? Why do some dogs sleep with their tongues out? These are some of the common questions dog parents ask each other. 

You may find different sleeping habits in different dogs. Depending on your dog and its comfort level, they could either put just the tip of the tongue out or even the entire tongue. But why do they do that, it is time to find out. Read below to know possible reasons why your dog prefers its tongue out while asleep. 

Why Dogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out
Why Dogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out


First things first, it is important to understand that this habit is not only adorable but completely harmless as well. Keeping the tongue out while sleeping is what dogs find comfort in. A sight like this is a sign of how blissful your dog is at the moment. 

By keeping the tongue out, they are putting no restrictions between themselves and the comfort. This action may also hint at your dog dreaming. Dog whisperers say that dogs may keep their tongues out when they dream. If they are in a deep sleep, their tongue will automatically come out. 

You may even notice other actions like their paw moving. Some dogs may even try to run in their sleeping position when in deep sleep.   

Why Dogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out
Why Dogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out

Releases heat

You must have noticed your dog showing this habit more often during the summer months. This is because the tongue releases body heat. Dogs do not have sweat glands the way human beings do. Therefore, by keeping their tongue out, the saliva evaporates and cools their body down. 

The tongue cools down quickly because dogs have a high number of blood vessels in it. This is also why dogs pant when they are tired or thirsty. Dogs such as Chihuahuas, bulldogs, spaniels, pugs, and mastiffs are widely popular for sleeping with their tongue out. 

dog tongue
Dog tongue


Although this is a very rare case it is not entirely impossible. Some dogs may not be in the habit of keeping their tongue out while sleeping. However, if you have noticed such behavior recently, it could be due to a wound inside their mouth. 

Your dog may have hurt itself and got a cut or ulcer inside the mouth. A good way to be sure is to notice if they are keeping their tongue out all the time. If not, this could just be a new habit your dog is developing. However, in case it does keep the tongue out throughout the day, your dog might be in pain. It would be best to get it checked by a veterinarian.    

Why Dogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out
Why Dogs Sleep With Their Tongues Out

Fewer teeth

Sleeping with tongue out is also common to really old dogs. Mature or old dogs may lose some of their teeth over the years. Since these dogs have no front teeth, their tongue comes out naturally while sleeping. This can happen with young puppies as well. 

In most cases, you don’t have to worry about your dog and its new habit. However, if your dog feels uncomfortable, you can get an accurate dental standing to help the dog keep its teeth inside. To see if your dog requires any dental help, observe them while sleeping. 

If they are trying to keep their tongue inside but it keeps coming out time and again, especially at night, it would be good to get some help. 

dog jaw
Dog jaw

Abnormal Jaw

Just like missing teeth, an abnormal jaw in a dog can result in their tongue hanging out. A jaw that is not accurately shaped will fail to support the dog’s tongue. Dogs that have a heavier tongue than others will show prominent signs in this case. 

Apart from providing dental standings, you could even get your dog’s jaw permanently fixed. However, this step should be taken only if your dog is very uncomfortable with the present situation. If not, you could let the situation be as a dog sticking its tongue out is nothing to worry about.  

dog medication
Dog medication

New medication

Pups are usually put on certain medications for their healthy growth, especially in the initial weeks. When their body starts getting used to these medications, they tend to stick out their tongue while sleeping. This may happen quite frequently right before you switch the medicine. 

However, if this continues to happen despite introducing new medicines, you may want to speak to a vet. They will help you understand what sort of medicine will suit your dog the best. Once you find the right medicine for your dog, they might stop keeping their tongue out. 

Sleeping dog
Sleeping dog

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, dogs sticking their tongue out while sleeping looks adorable and in peace. As some dog parents may worry about this habit, it is important to understand how harmless it is for the dog. On the contrary, dogs stick their tongue out to maintain a healthy body temperature. To help their situation, you could ensure they are hydrated properly. 

However, if you need confirmation on the situation, you could always contact a vet and discuss why do dogs sleep with their tongues hanging out. They will run all the necessary tests and inform you if there is anything to worry about. 

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