Lickimat Meatlove Bundle

by The World of Pets

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We are true believers that every so often dog owners should 'ditch the bowl' and opt for something more mentally stimulating. It has been proven that dogs love working for their food.

Providing mental stimulation is crucial for your dogs overall health and well being. 

The lickimat provides an effective but simple solution to tackle boredom, anxiety and stress in dogs. 

By combining the Lickimat with the perfect consistency of Meatlove wet food, your dog can not only be kept busy, but can also work to slow down their meals.

Meatlove wet food has an easily spreadable texture making it easy to apply to the mat. Just simply spread onto the surface of the Lickimat and allow your dog to lick up every morsel from the criss-cross design.

Meatlove wet food has a high meat content and is 100% gluten free.

Each recipe contains different super foods to help promote health in all areas of your dogs body.

Meatlove is a complete wet food.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 x Lickimat Buddy
  • 1 x Meatlove Salmon Wet Food 800g
  • 1 x Meatlove Rabbit Wet Food 800g
  • 1 x Meatlove Tender Beef Wet Food 800g
  • 1 x Meatlove Poultry Wet Food 800g
  • 1 x Meatlove Turkey Wet Food 800g