Indi-dog Houdini Harness

by Indi-Dog

The Vari-Fit Houdini harness is a fully adjustable version of our hugely popular Houdini harness, with a front ring as standard. Fleece padded on the neck, breast and chest, this harness offers comfort alongside flexible sizing, making it suitable for growing dogs or those prone to weight fluctuations.

2 clips on the back mean there's no need to lift any legs to put the harness on, the additional belly straps keep wriggley dogs from backing out of the harness.

Front rings can be useful in training dogs to walk on the lead and in handling reactive or strong dogs. For best results ensure the harness is fitted snugly and use with a double clip police/training lead.

Size small (20mm) - 1: 5-8" 2: 4-7" 3: 14-20"

Size medium (20mm) - 1: 7-10" 2: 6-10" 3: 18-25"

Size large (25mm) - 1: 8-12" 2: 8-12" 3: 22-30"

Size X-large (25mm) - 1: 11-15" 2: 10-16" 3: 26-36"