Fun Beam

by Pet Links
  • Petlinks Fun Beam is a laser toy that is perfect for entertaining your cat while simultaneously keeping him healthy
  • This toy creates a beam that cat's can't resist
  • The unique patterns made by the beam can replicate the movement of prey to keep your cat's attention rapt while he leaps to catch an intangible target
  • Your cat's pension for play will ensure their little red prey provides plenty of exercise
  • Petlinks Fun Beam is easy to use, as its ergonomic design fits comfortabley in your hand with a simple push-operated button where your thumb naturally rests
  • The toy comes in assorted colors and is a compact size that makes it easy to store
  • Your cat will love this laser toy and you'll love bonding with your cat with this unique toy — so order today
  • Promotes exercise and health in cats
  • Keep your cat's attnetion 1" x 5" x 4"

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