Fuel Immunbooster Buffalo Wet Dog Food

by Meat Love

The selected berry mix, as well as the contained rosehips act as a true vitamin C booster. Giner is an all-rounder and has a warming, metabolism-stimulating effect. In natural medicine, ginger is especially valued for its expectorant effect and its positive effects on the spleen, stomach and lungs. The ground pumpkin seeds have a high amount of natural vitamin E.

Composition: 84% buffalo meat and offal (45% buffalo meat, 20% buffalo heart, 15% buffalo lung, 4% buffalo liver), 7% sweet potatoes, 3$ coconut oil, 2% ground hazelnut, wild berry mix, ground pumpkin seed, rosehip powder, eggshell powder, nettle, brewer's yeast, yucca root extract, sea salt, linseed oil, ginger

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 10.5%, crude fat 8.3%, crude ash 1.2%, crude fibre 1.7%, moisture 75.3%, carbohydrates 3%

Energetic feed value: 118kcal/100g. Ca/Ph = 1.19:1

Nutritional supplements: Natural vitamin D3 400 IU, natural vitamin E (tocopherol) 12.000 mgk