Fuel Happy & Relaxed Goat Treats

by Meat Love

This Snack is especially made for dogs who suffer under high pressure or stressful situations. For those dogs who are very nervous, scared or have strong impulses. In this snack we have a high concentration of high grade herbs which can calm your dog. Hops and Valerian act assuasive and relaxing, Monk's pepper helps reduce the impulses and the excitability.

Ingredients: 91% Goat meat and offal, 4% Melissa, 1.5% Valerian, 1% Hops, 1% Thyme, 1% Rosemary, 0.5% Monk's pepper

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 51.2%, crude fat 22.6%, crude ash 8.3%, crude fibre 3.3%, moisture 9.7%, carbohydrate 4.9%

80g bag