Frontline Spot on for Small Dogs

by Frontline

Please find below a list of key messages that you may find useful when discussing FRONTLINE® Spot On

- Trust FRONTLINE® Spot On – the leading brand for pets’ protection against fleas, ticks and lice 

- Easy to Use – simply apply it to the skin and it spreads externally to protect the whole pet

- Highly effective and long lasting – kills adult fleas within 24 hours for up to 5 weeks in cats and approximately 2 months in dogs. Kills ticks within 48 hours for up to 1 month in both cats and dogs

- Suitable for use on puppies and kittens of all breeds from 8 weeks of age, providing the puppy weighs more than 2kg and the kitten more than 1kg

- Treated pets can be handled as soon as the application site is dry

- Bathing or water immersion 48 hours after application does not affect the duration or effect of FRONTLINE® Spot On

Fleas Every 2 months
Ticks Every month

* Where flea allergy dermatitis has been previously diagnosed by a vet monthly application is required.