Dog Fencing With a Gate - Free Standing

by The World of Pets

Poly Fence Kits have everything you need to install a basic polypropylene fence enclosure for dog management 


A poly dog fence kit is lightweight, easy to install. Our plastic dog fence kits are our bestselling fence kits. These kits include ground sleeves (to eliminate the need to dig, or lay concrete to keep the post in place), lightweight polypropylene material (which comes in different lengths, makes attaching the fencing to the posts very easy), posts (2 Meters), drive cap (used for the ground sleeves), 8” self-locking ties and kinked ground stakes.

The dog fence access gate for 2 meter high dog fencing includes all of the hardware needed to install the gate frame, leaf, gate latch, and tensioning system, along with pictured instructions to guide you. This dog fence gate can be placed anywhere on the deer fence for your convenience.