What Should You Know About German Shepherds With Floppy Ears?

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The reason why German Shepherds have floppy ears could be teething, improper nutrition, or even breeding. Floppy ears may also say a lot about their muscular and skeletal strength. 

It is not difficult to spot a German Shepherd amidst a group of dogs. With their tan and black fur, feisty nature, and pricked ears, you can always find them. You must have noticed how almost every German Shepherd has pricked ears and is practically a signature look for them.

There can be numerous explanations when it comes to droopy dog ears, especially for a German Shepherd. These explanations might range from medical to genetics or just age. Read below to know more.

German Shepherds With Floppy Ears
German Shepherds With Floppy Ears

Why do their ears stand up?  

You must have noticed how dogs’ ears stand up in certain situations, even when you don’t see a difference in their surroundings. Even when a dog has tiny ears, you can quickly determine if its ears have changed slightly.

This is because they have very soft ears. They are even weaker in the case of puppies. You can see the change since the muscles and cartilage are not adequately developed. When German Shepherd pups are born, their ears are closed.

Studies show the reason behind full grown german shepherd with floppy ears is their fragile ears and hearing capability. Most pups do not have the ability to ear at all. It takes them around a week or so to slightly open their ears. And only after that can they hear a few sounds, that too not clearly.

When it comes to breeds, poodles and spaniels always have droopy ears. On the other hand, species like shepherds, including German Shepherds, are known for their pricked and alert ears. You can even notice the fine point on the top of their ears.

Shepherds start to develop pointy ears when their body grows. The ears start standing upright when the bones and muscles start the developing process. This also shows their improving hearing capabilities. It takes them around six to ten weeks to reach this point.

Although, it is essential to understand that their ears should stand up within eight months after they are born. If this does not happen, their ears will probably stay floppy throughout their lives.

Why do some German Shepherds have floppy ears? 

When speaking about floppy ears, it is essential to notice when or how this happened. For instance, some dogs have floppy ears even if their breed is known to have upright ears. Therefore, check if your dog has always had floppy ears or this is a sudden change that you have noticed.

There are some common reasons why German Shepherds develop droopy ears, which you want to give attention to.


All mammals, be it dogs, cats, or even human beings, have a teething period in which their milk teeth fall off and grow a new set of teeth. This happens to all infants and can be a difficult time for some. You may notice various changes in babies during this time.

When it comes to dogs, their ears get droopy when their teething period begins. The period can start around three weeks after the baby is born and can last up to six months. For some babies, it may take longer.

While pups go through teething, their body asks for extra calcium, which they take for some of the body parts, including ears. By borrowing some calcium, the skeletal of the ears weaken, and they droop. Interestingly, pups’ ears look different every day during their teething periods.

One day it is droopy; the other day, it could be upright. Some day one of the two would stand while the other stayed drooped. As dog parents, you may worry; however, it is very natural. As the teething period ends, you would realize their ears have started going back to normal.


Various breeders breed their dogs as per the latest requirement by the market. For instance, for an ideal German Shepherd, their ears have to be moderately pointy and should proportion to their skull.

The ears should stand erect in complete symmetry and be parallel to each other. To achieve such standards, breeders apply specific strategies that do not bear well for the pup. Sometimes, they breed dogs to get the most prominent and pointiest ears possible.

Such ears may prove too big for a pup to handle, and their muscle weakens after a while. As a result, you see a grown german shepherd with floppy ears.

German Shepherds With Floppy Ears
German Shepherds With Floppy Ears

Improper nutrition when young  

Babies of any breed or species require a good amount of nutrition. In this absence, their body does not develop fully, and they even lack energy, fitness, and health. The same applies to pups as well. If your German Shepherd has floppy ears, it could be indicating the improper nutrition they received as a pup.

Minerals like calcium and vitamin D are essential for growing dogs. These are also responsible for keeping their ears erect.

Final Words

German Shepherds can be the cutest and the friendliest family dogs you can adopt. Their perky ears, soft fur, and strong stature form a signature look. However, if you notice an adult german shepherd with floppy ears, it is essential to understand the reason and act upon it. Refer to the possible causes mentioned above to understand more about the same.

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