What All Should You Know About German Shepherd Yorkie Mix?

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Despite how much you love all kinds of dogs, imagining a mix of a German Shepherd and a Yorkshire terrier might take some time to digest. Both breeds have different physical attributes, let alone their behavior and personality.

Keeping these differences in mind, we never had any crossbreeds between them. However, recently many have started crossbreeding them to attain an entirely new breed. Although there is very little research on the resultant breed and health implications following, the breeders are pretty happy with the result as they are adorable. But is this always the case? Let us find out.

German Shepherd Yorkie Mix
German Shepherd Yorkie Mix

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  • Can the two breeds mate?
  • Size matters
  • Female German Shepherd and male Yorkie
  • Smaller German shepherd crossbreeds
  • Temperament, Appearance, And Upkeep Guide For Yorkie German Shepherd Mix
  • Will yorkie German shepherd mix make a friendly pet?
  • What about the appearance of this crossbreed?
  • What are the grooming requirements of this crossbreed?
  • Will such a crossbreed gel up with other family dogs?
  • Is it safe to adopt a dog?
  • Final Words 

Can the two breeds mate?

Technically speaking, a female German Shepherd and a male Yorkie can be made to mate. However, this difference in their fundamental characteristics is so profound that it is recommended not to mate them.

Many breeders have complained about Yorkie german shepherd mix suffering from several physical ailments. 

As per biology, the traits of these two breeds lie on the exact opposite sides of the spectrum. Since the research on the same is quite limited, nobody can indeed claim sides. However, going by the complaints coming one after the other, keeping these two breeds at a distance would be a better idea.

Breeders have the responsibility of making the right decision while making breeds mate. Other than a German Shepherd with a Yorkie, several other options would be safer for both species. It is essential to understand that cuteness cannot be the only deciding factor while making an important decision.

Breeders should also ensure that they have well looked into the topic and are making the best possible decision for the mating partners and the resultant crossbreed. You could be putting lives in threat for an indefinite time if not thought through.

Moreover, the future guardians of the baby would be exposed to heartache, stress, and uncountable vet expenses.  

German Shepherd Yorkie Mix
German Shepherd Yorkie Mix

Size matters

When crossbreeding any two breeds, it is necessary to take further steps only when you have all the required data. Without complete information, crossbreeding should be avoided. In the case of a German Shepherd, this risk becomes very high as the size of the two differs significantly.

In such cases, researchers advise not to go through with crossbreeding because the difference in size can cause an immense problem for the Yorkie and German shepherd mix. Moreover, a German Shepherd and a Yorkie lie on the opposite ends of the size spectrum, making a huge difference. 

The size difference creates a problem in breeding because this indicates the difference in internal traits. Additionally, these two breeding is quite a against nature and thus would not have any good consequences.

Female German Shepherd and male Yorkie

Despite lack of research and unpredictability, if you must make the two breeds mate, use the German Shepherd female and the Yorkie male. The reason being a male German Shepherd will most likely impregnate the Yorkie despite the significant size difference. Even though the fetus will develop, a Yorkie female will not carry a German Shepherd litter for the entire term.

This will result in not just a risk on the litter’s health but the life of the mother. Therefore, using a male German Shepherd and a female Yorkie is dangerous and should be avoided. Even in the initial stages, the pregnancy may lead to lethal bleeding in the mother.

Since a Yorkie uterus would be large enough only to carry a Yorkie litter, a German shepherd and Yorkie mix litter would get big inside and might tear away from her body from the inside. This will only lead to her excruciating and hurtful death. 

Either way crossbreeding the two breeds is not at all recommended. However, if you must, using the female German Shepherd and male Yorkie would be a better choice. In this case, the male would be much smaller in size than the female, so that a helping hand might be required. You might even want to try artificial insemination.

Since this combination is the only way to make the pregnancy last a full term, any breeder would like to go this way. If you have these breeds as your pets and speculate the two matings, you may get them neutered to avoid the risk.

Smaller German shepherd crossbreeds

If you are looking for small German Shepherd purebreds, you will be up for disappointment as they do not exist. You will have to look for a crossbreed and, strictly speaking, there are many good options than using a Yorkie. By using the suitable breeds, you will get a crossbreed litter that is not just cute but healthy and safe.

Any other way to get a miniature German Shepherd does not exist. However, a few suffer from dwarfism, due to which their physical growth stops after a point. Dogs who suffer from this problem go through several health issues and have a short lifespan.

Temperament, Appearance, And Upkeep Guide For Yorkie German Shepherd Mix

So many people out there wish to have a dog for their friendly, securing, and loyal nature. While some decide to adopt the typical breeds only, others come up bold to have a unique mix breed. If you have a keen interest in the latter segment, yorkie german shepherd mix might be your perfect next choice. 

Those who already have an image of these two different dogs might get a little surprised after hearing about this cross. Getting startled by the mixing of these breeds is that such a combo is not very common. German shepherd originating from Germany is a significant and fierce breed. Contrarily, Yorkie originating from England is among the most minor and most affectionate types. 

Yes, both these dogs’ size and other traits are somewhat opposite; thus, it is obvious to feel taken aback after hearing about their crossbreed. Let’s know more; maybe it will become your favorite pet ever.

Will yorkie german shepherd mix make a friendly pet?

As a probable owner, you will be willing to know if such a crossbreed would behave friendly or not. Especially if someone is new to petting dogs, they are concerned about the behavior, mood, and handling attribute of a mixed dog like this. Here is what you should know about the temperament of a yorkie german shepherd mix to set your expectation levels.

A person may be thinking of a German shepherd to be agile and aggressive. They are considered to be utterly loyal, clever, and daring dogs. All such traits have made them popular as police dogs also.

On the other hand, just a glance at a Yorkie will make you think of adorability and softness. However, they are also very energetic and loyal dogs known to have wowing hunting skills. Brave is also one of the primary adjectives for them. 

So, one can expect faithfulness and courage as the temperament attributes of a mixed breed of Yorkie and German shepherd. You might have to work on the friendliness attribute of this cross, and that is easily doable.

What about the appearance of this crossbreed?

It becomes difficult to imagine the cross of a taller German shepherd with a smaller Yorkie. People get concerned about the looks of their dogs, especially in height, weight, etc. Not everybody can tackle a bigger breed; some prefer a smaller size for convenient handling. Thus, it is imperative to know the appearance of the german shepherd yorkie mix.

Typically, a German shepherd is 22 to 26 inches in height with an average weight of 50 to 90 pounds. Its frame is impressively muscular. The fur is usually well-trimmed up to a medium length, often in shades of black and brown.

A Yorkie is one of the smallest terrier breeds weighing around 8 pounds. This adorable dog is generally about 8 inches tall. Its frame stays well hidden in the long silky fur coating. The color is usually tan or so. 

Putting them together as a crossbreed does not have something in particular regarding appearance. The pup may take physical traits from either of the parents. Thus, it can either be a small or large mix breed of these two dogs. 

What are the grooming requirements of this crossbreed?

It is of utmost importance for a pet parent to ensure regular grooming of the fur baby for health and cleanliness. As cited above, the fur length of a yorkie and german shepherd mix is not predetermined as it can possess the traits of either parent. Thus, your crossbreed pet may either have a medium or long length of fur. Eventually, the grooming needs will differ in each case because longer fur requires more sessions and upkeep compared to the shorter one.

To give an idea, brushing once a week would do the job well if the fur is towards the shorter side as of a typical German shepherd. However, if your cross-bred pet turns out to be having a longer coat like a Yorkie; you will have to take out time for its brushing every day. 

The rest of the tips and needs are the same. For example, trim the nails occasionally, pay attention to cleaning ears from a professional, and give them a nice bath regularly.

Will such a crossbreed gel up with other family dogs?

A dog lover having one or more dogs already has to think about getting another dog thoroughly. The reason is that sometimes dogs get possessive and do not like sharing their presence with other dogs in the family. Thus, it is okay to ask if a german shepherd and yorkie mix dog will be friendly with other pups at home. Apart from residences, such a question is relevant even for a stroll in colonies, parks, or other public places. Nobody wishes to have their dog land in a mess or fight with other pets. 

The answer is yes; a mixed German shepherd and a Yorkie breed can socialize with others. It can be playful, friendly, and loving towards other dogs. However, the owner will have to put their dog through training sessions. Know your dogs, their acceptances, their temperament, and then act accordingly. It will not take much of your time and effort. Get a professional to aid the social process.

Is it safe to adopt a dog?

This question had to be on the list because todays’ need is to adopt dogs. People prefer buying a dog from a reputed shop only. However, more and more people are now showing concern for dogs from rescue or shelter homes. If you are thinking of adopting a rescued yorkie german shepherd mix, you will be providing shelter to the needed dog. 

Yes, challenges about knowing its history, behavior, and more may come. However, giving them the proper training will indeed make them your favorites soon.

Final Words 

The thought of a miniature German shepherd with traits of a Yorkie may get you all excited. However, due to their vast size difference and different characteristics, making the two breeds mate is pretty risky. If you use a female Yorkie and a male German Shepherd, the situation will get even more difficult. Therefore, make sure to go about detailed research and then act upon the same.

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