Reasons And Solutions Regarding French Bulldog Ears Down

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Dogs are such adorable creatures that make anybody fall in love them. While some people adopt friendly species, others prefer bolder ones for security purposes. Among the numerous species available worldwide, French Bulldogs are one of the top favorites of umpteen pet lovers. Their cute faces and bat-like ears are the primary attention seekers that take away everyone’s hearts in no time. It gets difficult to stay away from these loveable French bulldogs. Their ears are often talked about for giving a vigilant and crisp appearance. 

So, when a person sees a French bulldog for the first time and does not see its ears raised, they often wonder the reason behind the French bulldog ears down. The situation becomes more concerning when a pet parent notices such droop in their dog. If you or someone you know is also in a similar situation, this post can help you feel at ease with the correct information about this topic.

To begin with, if your dear French dog is still in its puppy phase or is lesser than five weeks old, you do not have to worry at all about its ears not being upright. It is perfectly okay if your little French bulldog has one or both ears bent downwards. Read on to know about the reasons and possible solutions.

French bulldog ears down
French bulldog ears down

French bulldog ears down- The Reasons

When you get a dog with an agile personality like a French bulldog when usually imagines its features to be equally bold. And, when it comes to animals, standing or upright ears are usually considered to be the reflection of dominating nature. Thus, it is obvious to feel dubious if you see French bulldog ears down. There is no need to fret because it is a normal thing in most cases. Some of the reasons are given below:-

  • Natural Attribute-

    If your furry friend is just a newborn baby or is not yet five weeks old, you do not have to worry about his/ her drooped ears. The reason is that these Frenchies are born with ears folded downside; so, it is natural. It is the teething process that makes their ears firmly erected. For some French babies, the ears become upright sooner, for others, it might be a bit delayed. So, give your little furry kiddo some time to have its ears unfolded upward. 

  • Health Problems-

    Sometimes, it might so happen that your puppy grows up into an adolescent or adult, and the situation remains the same. Health issues might be the reasons for full-grown French bulldog ears down. Infections or other trauma are reported to be the primary causes if an elder French bulldog still does not have erect ears. There should be anything to panic about; just calm down and visit a qualified vet to know the underlying issue.

  • Genetically Driven-

    It does not necessarily have to be a health concern if the ears of your Frenchie pet are drooping. Experts have found that it can be even genetics that might be responsible for the dog’s ears not being erect. It is only a knowledgeable and experienced animal doctor who will be able to make this out. If genes passed by the parents of your dog have affected the erectness of your dog, you might not be able to redefine them.

Thus, if it is about a newborn French bulldog with ears down, it is highly probable that the muscles and cartilage near the ear of your dog are under the developing stage. Teething will help the process naturally, and the ears of your Frenchie will stand firm soon. However, if your puppy has grown up and the drooping persists, it is best to consult a certified vet for a better diagnosis.

French bulldog ears down
French bulldog ears down

Is there anything you can do at home to make the ears of the French bulldog stand?

Commonly, owners talk about different situations like only one ear is standing, the ears are drooping midway, the ears keep drooping/ standing frequently, etc. If the above teething phenomenon is not the reason with your grown-up French bulldog, you may try doing the following things for a favorable outcome.

  • Use a tape-

    It is a common method to use masking tape to get help in erecting 5-month-old French bulldog ears down. The tape should be around 1.5 inches wide. Be gentle while wrapping the drooped ear, and pay attention that the ear stands straight after taping. Leaving the tape on for four to six days has proved to be useful in many cases after some repetitions.

  • Focus on the diet-

    Sometimes, poor nutrition can prevent the growth of certain muscles that might impact the standing of your dog’s ears. There is a lot of controversy on feeding the dog with calcium food or supplements. While some say that it helps in erecting ears, others consider it a health hazard. Never make changes on your own when it is about the feed of your dog; always ask a licensed vet first.

It is normal to see French bulldog puppy ears down; however, if you are concerned, consult a vet before doing any home remedy. 

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