Turkey Dog Treats

A complementary bite-sized training treat made with 80% meat. 

Perfectly sized and super palatable, these treats can be used in all aspects of training. 

Made with 100% human grade meat. 


80% Freshly Prepared Poultry (Chicken 33%, Duck 29%, Turkey 18%), Potato, Chicken Gravy

Feeding Guide:

Feed any tie as a treat or reward. Ensure a supply of clean, fresh water is available at all times.

Forthglade Fresh Breath Treats

Forthglade Fresh Breath Treats

by Forthglade
We use wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, chickpeas & sweet potato along with carefully selected ingredients to help your dog in different ways.
Fresh breath - treats with peppermint, parsley & rosemary to help keep breath fresh.
Fuel More Power Singleshot

Fuel More Power Singleshot

by Meat Love

Snack Sausage complementary food - 80g

Ingredients: 50% turkey meat, 20% turkey heart, 5% turkey liver, 15% maltodextrin, 5% whey powder, 2% grated coconut, 2% creatine monohydrate, 0.8% brewers yeast, 0.2% magnesium citrate

Maltodextrin: Made from potato starch! Multiple sugar, which is used for rapid energy reproduction

Whey powder: High protein supplier for energy production

Coconut: Acceptance-enhancing, metabolism-stimulating, fast energy production through medium-chain fatty acids

Creatine monohydrate: Amino acid essential for muscle metabolism, and can only be partially made by the body itself

Brewers Yeast: Rich in proteins (43%)

Magnesium citrate: Ensures a smooth muscle function even under stress

Four Legged Fancies Turkey Snowflakes
Denzels Nut Butter Chews

Denzels Nut Butter Chews

by Denzels

Denzel's dog snacks are made from 100% natural ingredients, gently baked in the UK into tasty, snack-sized chews

We blend tasty peanuts, cashews and coconut oil together to make a nut butter chew, providing a fantastic source of protein and fibre.

Nuts are also a source of healthy oils and fats which help fight against cholesterol.
We also never use palm oil.

Chickpea Flour,
Vegetable Glycerine,
Nut butter 12% (peanuts, cashews, rapeseed oil & coconut oil)
...that’s it.

Fuel More Brain Turkey Treats

Fuel More Brain Turkey Treats

by Meat Love

This dog snack is specifically designed for dogs to help improve memory and concentration. In this snack you will find the finest turkey meat, natural herbs and ingredients such as red ginseng, ground maca root and ground gingko leaves. They all help your dog focus on tasks faster and improve their thinking.

Ingredients: 98% Turkey meat and offal, 1% Ground rosemary, 0.5% ground maca root, 0.4% gingko powder, 0.1% red giseng

80g bag

Four Legged Fancies Turkey & Herb

Four Legged Fancies Turkey & Herb

by Four Legged Fancies
These little gluten free biscuits are made with low fat turkey, rosemary, sage, parsley and flaxseed, great for a dogs coat.