Flea & Ticks combs

Ancol Tick Tool-The World of Pets

Ancol Tick Tool

by Ancol

Ancol Ergo Dog tick Tool gently removes ticks from your dogs skin

Ancol Flea Comb-The World of Pets

Ancol Flea Comb

by Ancol

Specialist dog grooming products from Ancol Ergo & Heritage ranges. Grooming products for dogs including combs, brushes, slickers and nail clippers

Johnsons Flea Comb

Johnsons Flea Comb

by Johnsons Vererinary
Flea and Grooming Comb

For dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other small animals. Strong,
hygienic, washable, kind to coat and skin.
For daily grooming to keep coat and skin clean and healthy.
Removes fleas, lice, eggs, scurf, etc.
Reduces the risk of hairballs in cats.
Frontline Tick Remover

Frontline Tick Remover

by Frontline
For safe and complete removal of ticks on animals and humans. Fits all sizes of tick.
How to use:
Trap the tick in the slot at skin level, then gently twist in one direction until it comes off.
To minimise the risk of disease transmission, do not squeeze the tick.