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Meat Love - Meat & Treat Poultry-The World of Pets

Meat & Treat Poultry

by Meat Love


MEAT & trEAT is a sole feed that has been specifically developed as a healthy and species appropriate dog snack. The sausages have a firm consistency and can be easily and cleanly portioned in many small pieces.


The best lean meat, heart and a little fat are the ingredients for our new training sausages. Only one protein source is processed in the MEAT & trEAT dog snacks, and so they are also a real “dog’s delight” for four-legged friends that are sensitive to food.

Single protein
• Cereal- and gluten-free

80 g Singleshot


100% poultry: 70% lean meat, 20% poultry heart, 9,5% poultry fat, 0,5% sea salt from food production

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 15,5%, crude fat 16,9%, crude ash 2,2%, crude fibre 1,3%, moisture 62,5%

Natures Menu Real Meaty Mini Dog Treats (60g)-The World of Pets

High meat content training treats.

Made with high quality Ingridients.

Ideal for reward training or for concealing medication.

Handy re-sealable packs to keep treats fresh.

Contains no artificial flavours or colours.

Gluten Free. 

Meat Love Steakhouse Poultry Minis

by Meat Love
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Poultry meat

Analytical components:

Crude protein 40,8%, crude fat 38,3%, crude fibre 0,5%, crude ash 6,6% moisture 13,2%

100% natural product

Chews for dogs

A complementary bite-sized training treat made with 80% meat. 

Perfectly sized and super palatable, these treats can be used in all aspects of training. 

Made with 100% human grade meat. 


80% Freshly Prepared Poultry (Chicken 33%, Duck 29%, Turkey 18%), Potato, Chicken Gravy

Feeding Guide:

Feed any tie as a treat or reward. Ensure a supply of clean, fresh water is available at all times.

Forthglade Calming Dog Treats

by Forthglade
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We use wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, chickpeas & sweet potato along with carefully selected ingredients to help your dog in different ways.
Calming - these treats contain camomile and lemon balm to help reduce stress
Simpsons Air Dried Sliced Chicken

Our natural sliced chicken treats are made from natural wholesome ingredients. Containing single source protein makes them ideal for dogs with allergies, skin problems and sensitive stomachs. Totally grain free and air dried to help retain the goodness and lavour. Ideal to be used as a training treats, bedtime snack or rewarding good behaviour. Suitable for all life stages and available in 100g bags. Made in the UK

Ingredients: Chicken (70%), Vegetable Glycerol, Sweet Potato, Potato, Minerals, Cranberry, Apple

Four Legged Fancies Gingerbread Men

Four Legged Fancies Gingerbread Men

by Four Legged Fancies
Made with minced chicken and natural ginger, these cute little 
gingerbread men are not only tasty but are good for settling
tummies and travel sickness in dogs.

Treats2sit4 Hypno Teasers 70g

by Treats2sit4
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Hypno Teasers - Chicken liver, breast & Aniseed

Typical Analysis:

FAT 18.4%
ASH 4.1%

Treats2Sit4 Air Dried Chicken Liver 70g

Air dried chicken liver

Typical Analysis:

FAT 17.39%
ASH 4.0%

Denzels High Protein Chew

Denzels High Protein Chew

by Denzels

Denzel's dog snacks are made from 100% natural ingredients, gently baked in the UK into tasty, snack-sized chews

We use real chicken, spinach and chickpeas to cram this chew with healthy proteins providing a vital, lean source of energy to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Spinach is high in Vitamin C and Iron to give extra immune support (and super shiny fur).

Chickpea Flour (30%),
Vegetable Glycerine,
Chicken 18% (Chicken & Chicken Gravy),
Spinach (1%),
...that’s it.

Natural Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast

Typical Analysis:

FAT 5.83%
ASH 3.8%

Orijen Original Dog treats

Orijen Original Dog treats

by Orijen


  1. 100% meat, 100% natural. Our meats are delivered daily FRESH (refrigerated, without preservatives) or RAW (flash-frozen, without preservatives), then gently freeze-dried.
  2. Nutrient-dense WholePrey™ ratios of fresh meats, organs and cartilage plus fresh, whole flounder provide a natural source of virtually every nutrient your dog needs to thrive.
  3. Gently freeze-dried in our own kitchens without cooking or preservatives, to lock in natural, delicious goodness for a pure and tasty treat.


Fresh chicken liver (30%), fresh turkey liver (30%), fresh chicken (18%), fresh turkey (18%), fresh arrowtooth flounder (4%).

Four Legged Fancies Chicken Agility Bites

by Four Legged Fancies
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Bite sized biscuits made with minced chicken. If you are training 
your dog with food rewards this is a great, low fat option.

Ingredients: Minced chicken, oat flour, oats, rye flour,
rapeseed oil, water, eggs.

Minimum weight 180g
True Instinct Chicken Dog treats

True Instinct Chicken Dog treats

by Natures Menu

Freeze dried free range chicken treats for dogs with nutritious superfoods. True Instinct dog treats combine the goodness of raw with the convenience of freeze drying, locking in nutrients and flavour for a taste sensation your dog will love. The perfect healthy training treat or reward. A grain, gluten and cereal free recipe.

Made with ethically sourced free range chicken plus antioxidant rich superfoods to promote health and vitality in your dog.
True Instinct freeze dried treats are made in our Norfolk kitchen, using only the best natural ingredients.

A grain, gluten and cereal free recipe.

Suitable for puppies. 

Comes in a convenient re-sealable pack.


Free Range Chicken (80%, including Deboned Chicken Meat 26%, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver and Ground Chicken Bone), Pumpkin Seed Powder, Beet Pulp, Green Tea, Yucca, Rosemary, Parsley, Dandelion Root, Hawthorn Leaf.

Analytical constituents

Protein 38%; Crude Oils & Fats 29%; Crude Ash 11%; Crude Fibres 11%; Moisture 4%. 404 kcal/100g

Four Legged Fancies Chicken & Sunflower Stars

by Four Legged Fancies
Star shaped chicken biscuits covered in healthy sunflower seeds.

Ingredients: Minced chicken, oat flour, oats, rye flour, water,
rapeseed oil, eggs, sunflower seeds.
Four Legged fancies Chicken Labrador

Four Legged fancies Chicken Labrador

by Four Legged Fancies
Ingredients: Minced chicken, oat flour, rye flour, oats, rapeseed oil, eggs, water.
Minimum weight 180g