Can Cats Eat Almonds – Tips on Feeding Your Cat

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If you are new to taking care of animals, especially cats, you might have a hard time figuring things out. Having a pet can take more work than you expected, but it will be all worth it in the end. It is a good way for you to bond with your cat, and you should learn how to make it enjoyable for both of you. Different cats have different preferences for food, just like humans. To help you out, below are some tips that you would want to know about when it comes to feeding your new pet cat. 

A guide to feeding your cat

Learning how to feed your cat is not as hard as you picture it out to be, and below are some of the tips that should be helpful to you. 

are almonds bad for cats
Are almonds bad for cats

Choose the right type

The first thing you would need to do is choose the right food for your cat. This is not as hard as you think it is as long as you would consider your car in doing so. Know how old your cat is, its weight, and if it is an indoor cat. If it is still a kitten, then you might want to consider going for formulas for them. You can also figure out the food suitable for them depending on their age as different cat ages would have different food needs, and you would also have to consider the texture of the food, such as dry, wet, or even a combination of both. 

Determine the amount

You also need to consider the amount of food you give to your cat daily because you would not want to overfeed them and cause some health problems to them. You want to check the label of the food that you buy as they most likely have written instructions of the serving size and the number of times you can feed your cat with it. If your cat gets overweight, it becomes more prone to having problems that can even lead to surgery, so you ought to consider that as well. If you are having trouble figuring things out, you should consider talking to a veterinarian. 

Establish routine

Having a feeding routine will help you and your cat so that you will have a reasonable time of feeding and also gives your cat a better way of enjoying the process of eating. If you are going to figure out what to feed your cat, timing also helps as you can give them dry food in the mornings and then wet food at night. You should learn which your cat prefers so that it would be easier for you to figure it out. 

Feeding dish

While you might think you can just use any bowl out there, it would be best if you find a bowl that is not too deep as it can easily irritate your cat’s whiskers. Instead, you should go for a shallow bowl that your cat can feed on without any problem. You need to choose something wide as well so that the food will not spill out of it. This helps you out in terms of cleaning the mess that will be made once your cat is finished with its food. 

Location matters

You might not realize it, but the location in which you will be feeding your cat is also very important. You want to find a place where it can be comfortable enough to eat without having to shy away or get disturbed while eating. Make sure that you give your cat a place where it is allowed to eat without having to fight for food from other pets. Let it be as comfortable as possible so that it will be able to eat as well as it can.

Hydrate your cat

One of the things that you should not take lightly is giving your cat the fluids that it deserves. This means that you need to make sure your cat drinks enough water and that you are going to change the water often. Stagnant water can bring about parasites and bacteria that you would not want your cat to have.  

Things your cat should never eat

Now that you know more about how to feed your cat, you should also know about the things that your cat is not allowed to eat so that you can keep your pet as safe as possible. 

can cats eat almonds
Can cats eat almonds

Can your cats drink alcohol?

One of the things that you should not let your cat touch or get near to would be your alcoholic beverages. This is because when they taste it or get a taste of any food that has alcohol content, they will be having problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, and issues with their nervous system. This can lead to shortness of breath which can even lead to their death. 

Can cats eat almonds?

No matter how nutritious or high quality your almonds are, you should never allow your cat to it them as this can make your cats get pancreatitis if they ingest a large number of almonds or any other types of nuts such as walnuts and pecans. Try to avoid this as much as you can and store it away from your cats.

Can cats eat onions and garlic?

While garlic and onions are vegetables that we use in our daily lives, it would be important to know that they can have a lethal effect on your cat. This can cause their GI tract to get irritated and damage their blood cells. Thus, it can lead to further complications that you would not want at all. You want to make sure that you keep them off of food that has any onions and garlic.

Now that you know how to feed your cat and the type of food that you have to ensure they will avoid, you will now be able to properly feed the pet that you have decided to bring home. And while it may seem too strict, making sure that your cats do not eat anything that can cause them problems is your duty as an owner. 

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