Blue Maine coon cat – A deep insight before you pick one!

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Cats are one of the most commonly domesticated animals around the world. They come with majestic and fun-loving traits and are often the center of attraction if a household has one. Comprising of elegant features, graceful movements, and a rare but lovely attribute, the blue Maine coon cat is one of the best choices. It is a cuddly feline that one can grab and love throughout the day. It comes with cushiony fur and is a breed famous from back in the 1800s. If one considers it, one must know all about it to miss nothing and have a pet experience like no other!

blue Maine coon cat
Blue Maine Coon Cat

Blue Maine coon cat – The characteristics!

The blue amongst the Maine coon cat is unique and is native to the US. It comes from the state of Maine and is common all around. It is a kitty breed that one will want to own without regrets. The blue Maine coon cat comes with the following traits that make it so hard to resist:

  • Social: 

    They are one of the most social cats one might ever come across. They are comfortable around people and love to be around other pets and strangers.

  • Amicable: 

    The Maine coon cats are friendly and are peaceful in public. If one plans to carry them around a gathering, they are good to go.

  • Alert: 

    Even though they seem friendly and social, they are vigilant. They are loyal to owners and are observant about the threats and dangers in the environment.

  • Dynamic:

     These cats are one-of-a-kind cats with the best behaviors. The blue Maine coon cat is multi-talented. At times they are child-like and playful too.

  • Engaged:

     The Maine coon breed is super active and intelligent. One will hardly find them lazing around. They are active learners, adaptive, and come with excellent mouse catching skills.

  • Gentle:

     If one has a kid or other pet at home, these cats are the best to have. They know how to behave around a child and other pets at home.

  • Charming:

     The Maine coon cats are super attractive and come with adorable behavior that everyone loves. If one has them around, one is sure to fall in love!

Types of blue Maine coon cat

Best known for their variety, character, and blend, the full grown blue Maine coon cat comes in several types that are breath-taking. The following are the variety that one can own proudly:


These are some of the most common and easy to recognize the breed of the Maine coon cats. They come with a uniform body tint of elegant grey-blue. The color covers them up from head to toe, making them the perfect example of a solid Maine coon cat.


The tabby cats are the cats that come with a distinct and unique design all over their body. With different coats that cover up with patterns, they are the most striking of all the breeds available in the Maine coon variety.


The smoky color covers the cat from the ruff and the entire body in the most explicit ways. This silver blue Maine coon cat is hard to keep away from as it comes with grey and white in the best of its shade and combination.

Combination or Bi-blue

Not all cats come in the colors of grey and white. Nature comes with surprises and offers a wide range of combinations. The best of them come in blue cream, blue-white, blue-grey and other combinations.

Blue Maine Coon Cat

Blue Maine coon cat – How much to pay?

The price of the cat depends on the physical attributes and much more. Every cat is unique and comes with its tag for price. With an average price in the US ranging from 500-2000 dollars, the following are the markers that affect the cost:

  • Purity:

     The purity of the race of the cat is vital. The purer and the more high breed cat it is, the higher is the blue Maine coon cat price.

  • Age: 

    One may want to pick a cat at different stages of life. From kittens to fully grown adults. The younger the cat, the lesser is the price of it.

  • Quality: 

    The quality directly links with the cat’s lineage and descent. The higher the cat’s grade, the higher is the cost one has to pay.

  • Sprayed: 

    Cats to come with genuine and sprayed coats. The natural coated cats are more affordable. If one wants a sprayed one, get ready to pay more for the needs.

  • Certificates:

     Genuine cats come with a price and documents of authenticity. If one plans to adopt a blue Maine coon cat with proper procedure, the cost will be worth it!

blue Maine coon cat
Blue Maine Coon Cat

The never-to-miss facts!

If one is determined to get a blue Maine coon cat, the following are the never to miss features about them:

  • Only the solid blue Maine coon comes with a unique blue coat. The rests have a grey color blend with blue.
  • Even though the cats look large, they are healthy, active, playful, adaptive, and dynamic. 
  • Being a breed of raccoons and cats, they are also known as gentle giants as they look big but have equally big hearts.
  • Most Maine coon cats love to play in the water and adapt the best to cold surroundings and the environment.
  • They are the cat breeds who can sing and love to grab attention by singing or tuning to their owners.
  • They are patient cat breeds. Hence are the best around kids and other pets at home. 
  • They are the most commonly domesticated cats who can walk and lead on the leash. 
  • They have a life span of around thirteen years and are loyal, friendly, and social. 

The cats are lovable creatures who need love and care throughout their petting tenure. With blue Maine coon cat, the process becomes smooth. They are an extravagant variety that needs no introduction. Coming with the best physical and behavioral traits, these are the cats that one will always wish to have by the side. With extensive knowledge about them, why not give them a try!

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