Interesting Facts You Will Love To Know About A Blonde German Shepherd Puppy

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Blonde German shepherds are rare breeds that may change their color while growing up and are as same as other typical GSDs.

When it is about having dogs in the house, it is an instinct to have a few breeds in mind. GSD or German shepherd dog is one of several regions’ most-thought and most-adopted dogs. It is usual to see black, tan, or brown German shepherds, but have you ever thought about having a blonde german shepherd puppy? Yes, you read that right! A German shepherd in the blonde shade is a distinctive combo to hear for many people. 

It might sound very unusual because blonde is not a typical color for this breed. There are not many GSDs in this shade, so it is also a rare breed of dog. If you plan to get an adorable pup for you or the family, this might be a gorgeously loving addition. But before you go out and adopt one, it is imperative to get some info about this beautiful breed beforehand. Let’s dive into more exciting info in this context.

Blonde German shepherds
Blonde German shepherds

Things you should know about a blonde german shepherd puppy.

Having a pet at home can change one’s life significantly for good. Dogs are loyal, friendly, and beautiful companions that know how to love humans. Many people prefer a GSD or German shepherd because it is famous for its guard dog traits. It does not matter if you plan to get a GSD for security, love, companionship, or no reason. However, knowing the below facts can add to your knowledge and curb your curiosities even in general. 

Q – Will the blonde GSD stay the same color?

A – No, blonde GSD may change its color

It is of utmost importance to clear this fact at the first instance that a blonde german shepherd puppy may not remain the same shade throughout its life. You might get fortunate if your blonde puppy grows up to be a blonde adult only. However, when it comes to German shepherds with light color fur, their fur will probably get darker with time. So, expect such changes and witness the beautiful color transformations as your little blonde German shepherd grows into an adult.

Q – What is the reason behind their rarity?

A – There is a lack of evidentiary reason for the rarity.

There is no doubt that a blonde German shepherd is a rare breed; however, there is not much info available for the reason behind this. It is yet not clear what genes are responsible for such a shade. However, many people believe that the blonde GSDs are the puppies from different breed parents like a Labrador and a German shepherd. Thus, some think that a blonde German shepherd is a crossbred dog that gets its color from a Labrador or other light-colored dog in the mating process.

Q – Are blonde German shepherds expensive?

A – The final price may vary, but they are usually expensive.

Different shops quote a different price for a blonde german shepherd puppy for sale. There are extreme ranges while charging for a blonde GSD. Some may charge a lower fee because the blonde color is a drawback. Contrarily, the usual approach is to charge a high amount because it is such a rare breed. The bracket might be as low as 450 dollars and as high as 1900 dollars. The primary concern is that you should trust only a reputed shop to buy your dear pup.

Q – Does blonder color mean different traits from a regular GSD?

A – Usually, no, there is no other difference apart from the blonde shade.

There are different sayings on this topic because some say that blonde color implies health issues. However, very little info is available, so one cannot link the light color with sickness mandatorily. It is only the shade that is different and lighter; the rest of the physical features and behavioral attributes of a blonde GSD are as same as a typical black/ brown/ tan German shepherd. Height, weight, eyes, muscularity, friendliness, loyalty, alertness, learnability, and everything else is only a regular German shepherd.

Q – Are blonde GSDs suitable for guarding or security purposes?

A – Yes, a blonder GSD is protective of its people around.

As cited above, there is no other significant difference between a blonde and other colored GSD apart from the color. If you are getting a german shepherd puppy blonde, you are sure to have a possessive and protective adult German shepherd. It does not matter the color; a German shepherd usually acquires traits like boldness, courage, loyalty, security, intelligence, etc., from its GSD parent. This is why these dogs are often considered great investigating and security assistance in police jobs.

Q – Will a blonder German shepherd mix well with the family?

A – Proper training and quality time will make it a sociable dog. 

This breed of dogs can be aggressive, but the tip here is to give them proper training. You may hire a professional trainer if you cannot provide sufficient training to your blonde GSD. Spend some quality time with your blonde dog, and it will be ready to gel up soon. Avoid leaving it alone as dogs may feel insecure and react negatively when nobody is around. It does not matter if it is blonde, black, tan, or brown; all German shepherds are friendly even with little kids when trained. So, do not hesitate about this aspect at all.

Blonde German Shepherd Puppy
Blonde German Shepherd Puppy


All features of a blonde GSD, like height, weight, etc., are the same as that of a typical GSD. Consult a vet or breeder about the right kind of diet, medical history, and other grooming tips suitable for your blonde german shepherd pit puppy. It will help you in nurturing your pup better. 


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