What Is The Difference Between Natural & Organic Pet Food?

Natural or Organic?

With an overwhelming range of pet foods on the market all claiming to be the best for your pet, how can you really be sure that you are making the right choice for your pet?

Let’s begin with natural.

Lots of pet food companies claim to be ‘natural’ but what does it really mean?

Firstly, by choosing a natural pet food, you can be safe in the knowledge, that if a pet food is labelled as natural, then it will be free from artificial additives, preservatives, colours and flavours.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean the food will be free from derivatives and by products of a natural source. The ingredients in a natural pet food may have been highly heat processed or rendered and there is no guarantee of high-quality ingredients.

Fortunately, natural pet foods will not have been subject to forms of chemical processing.

When selecting a natural pet food, always read the ingredients rather than going by the ‘natural’ label. Try and select a food with pure ingredients rather than by product ingredients and you can be sure you’ve taken the right steps into choosing a healthier food for your pet.

Now let’s take a look at organic pet foods.

The term organic has much stricter regulations than the term natural.

In order for a food to be classed as organic it must be produced with ingredients that have not been subject to pesticides, man-made fertilisers or growth regulators. Animal protein in organic pet food will have come from animals that have been reared without antibiotics or drugs and will have been kept with high animal welfare standards.  

All ingredients in organic pet food are fully traceable whereas ingredients in a natural pet food may be untraceable.

Beware, pet foods labelled organic may not necessarily be 100% organic. These foods may contain 5%-30% of ingredients which are in fact not organic.

Whichever pet food you decide to feed your pet, always check the ingredients list and aim to feed a food containing whole ingredients.  

In conclusion, both foods labelled as natural or organic are much better than most typical commercial pet foods available on the market and knowledge is key to be able to differentiate between the huge choice of pet foods.

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