The Importance of Pet Dental Hygiene

Most pet owners don’t realise quite how important dental hygiene is for their animals and quite how easy it is to keep up a good standard of dental health. A pets mouth is essential to it’s everyday life and when it becomes unhealthy, so too, can your pet. We at The World of Pets believe that good oral health is a part of good general health in pets and have some great tips for you!

The signs of bad oral health and hygiene:

  1. Bad Breath
  2. Your pet refusing to let you touch around its mouth
  3. Discoloured teeth or teeth that are covered in tartar
  4. Loose teeth or the loss of teeth
  5. Loss of appetite and weight loss
  6. Dropping food, bleeding from the mouth or excessive drooling
  7. Picking food up with, and chewing on a particular side of the mouth, most likely due to pain or irritation on the other side
  8. A change in temperament; many dental conditions develop gradually and as a result it tends to be more common in middle aged and senior pets. As they cannot express their pain it is often interpreted as grumpiness, it is often due to pain in the mouth.

Prevention and Periodontal disease

The most common problem pet owners face is plaque and tartar build up. This is the cause of many problems but can be managed very easily when you know how. Alongside cleaning at home it is a good idea to regularly ask your veterinarian to check your pet's mouth whenever you visit, this is a great way to catch any signs early on and prevent a gradual downward spiral of poor oral health. Cleaning your pet's teeth early on is the best way to prevent any diseases as problems such as Periodontal disease doesn't develop because of plaque above the gumline, but under.

Periodontal disease is easily preventable but not curable once it has started, although it is very easy to keep it at bay and stop it from developing at a faster rate. Periodontal disease is the single most common issue that pets have regarding their dental hygiene, and most pets will have signs of it by the time they’re three years old. The disease itself can cause Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and Periodontitis (Loss of tissue and bone around the teeth) which can both lead to many health problems and the loss of teeth over time.

Many products can help stop the progression of the disease and if used from a young age can prevent the disease entirely. Some of these products include PlaqueOff, dog and cat toothpaste and toothbrushes, finger brushes and Oral Hygiene Gel, which can be particularly useful for pets that don’t like their teeth being brushed as you can apply it to their fangs which will then force them lick and spread it around their mouths.


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