10 Ways to keep your dog cool in the summer

The summer is a dangerous time for dogs as there are many factors associated with it that can harm your dog. Here at The World of Pets we have compiled a list of the most effective ways to keep your canine companion cool and safe this summer. We really hope this can help you and your dog to enjoy the summer to the fullest, but also in the safest and most beneficial ways possible.

  • Grooming your pet
  • If you have a long haired dog or a dog with a thick coat it may be preventing them from cooling down as effectively as they should be able to. Most dogs will have a layer of loose hair stuck in their coat that can easily be removed by a slicker brush or an undercoat rake. Doing this doesn't take up much time and can really help your dog cool down during the hot days. Regular grooming has a wide range of benefits including a better looking and smelling dog, less discomfort and itchiness and a lower risk of eye, ear, nail and infections!

  • Cooling mats and Cooling coats/bandanas
  • Cooling mats come in different varieties, some have a gel inside that remain cool and others are slightly bulkier and have a mesh underside and top in order to ventilate the dog whilst it is laying on it. Cooling bandanas share a similar concept with the mats by containing a cooling gel on the inside, some can actually be dipped into water in order to make them cooler and to keep them cooler for longer.

  • Cooling toys
  • Cooling toys are a great alternative to cooling mats and bandanas, although when used together they can be extremely effective. They come in a wide range of different designs and concepts; some can be dipped into water so the dog is forced to drinks whilst playing, others can be frozen after being dipped so that the coolness of them can last longer, both of these different types keep the dog both hydrated and cool.

  • Paddling pools, rivers and seas
  • Swimming and playing in water is a brilliant way of keeping dogs hydrated, active and cool. It's a good idea to look for a route that contains a river or stream whilst on your walks so your dog can play in the water. Some dogs may be apprehensive but persistence is key here, most if not all dogs are natural swimmers but shallower options are also incredibly effective.

  • Shade
  • Keeping dogs in the shade is one of the easiest and simplest ways of keeping dogs cool. This may mean keeping your curtains partially closed if the sun shines through on one of your dog's favourite resting places, it may darken the room slightly but if it keeps your dog cool it's certainly worth it. By keeping your dog in the shade you're also reducing the risk of heat stroke, which is a lot more common and fatal than people realise.

  • Frozen food/Raw feeding
  • Raw food is one of the most biologically appropriate ways to feed your dog and comes with a wide range of health benefits. It comes in frozen boxes that need to be defrosted before feeding but it is not always necessary, keeping the food partially frozen is a great way to cool your dog down and to make the food last slightly longer as it will be harder.

  • Frozen Treats
  • Freezing treats is another fantastic way of keeping the temperature down, brands such as Kong and Outward Hound offer some great interactive toys that require the dog to work for the treat and a lot of dog owners have taken to freezing their treats in order to get them to last longer and to keep their companions cool.

  • Plan Your Walks Carefully
  • Midday is one of the worst times you can walk your dog was he heat can be unbearable for some dogs, alongside this the pavement during these times is often too hot for dogs paws to handle and can burn them. Early mornings and late evenings are much cooler and can really keep your dog much cooler and relaxed during their walks.

  • Dehumidifiers and Fans
  • You'll often see your dog panting on hot days to cool themselves down, when the air is cool they won't have to do it for very long but in hotter, more humid days it can be hard for them to efficiently cool themselves down. A dehumidifier can be a real life saver to a hot dog as it will mean they can pant away and breathe in the cooler, drier air and cool themselves down a lot easier. Some dogs don't like air being blown on them but others will also really benefit from a fan blowing cool air onto them.

  • Hot cars
  • Last but certainly not least, leaving dogs in cars on a hot day has caused countless deaths as it is essentially slow cooking them. A hot car can rise in temperature rapidly when stationary and before you know it you could have a real situation on your hands. Never leave a dog in hot car, especially with the windows closed. If you really have to do this it's a good idea to keep windows slightly open, have aircon on and provide them with plenty of water. Doing this also means you're less likely to get your windows smashed as many people will intervene when they see a dog trapped in a hot car as they will know the risks and will want to save the dogs life.




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